Currently there is a technology race to build the first

green floating city for people to live sustainably on the ocean. Singapore is cooper

ating with Norway on ambitious floating projects. In Europe, Norway is putting the weight of its state-owned enterprise Equinor (formerly Statoil) int

o exploring this new space and building strategic alliances. Norway is conducting workshops on floating cities.

The Netherlands, in cooperation with the United Nations, recently announced the creation of the Global Center on Ada

ptation to be housed in floating offices in Rotterdam. This center will be led by several luminaries, including former UN Secreta

ry-General Ban Ki-Moon, business leader Bill Gates and CEO of the World Bank Kristalina Georgieva.

Collins Chen, one of the pioneers and leading experts in sustainable

green floating cities, established his own company OCEANIX Ltd, based in Hong Ko

ng. He hopes to leverage the technology edge offered by being in the Greater Bay area and expecting to build the

first prototype for a floating city in China. He said his decision to establish OCEANIX in Hong Kong was very much insp

ired by policies from China for comprehensive “smart, green and blue” infrastructure integration.