Authorities broadened the investigation after two other case

  of illness at the company in recent years were discovered.Klaus O was brought before a judge on May 17, who issued an arrest warrant for attempted murder.

  Fire brigade specialists found mercury, lead and cadmium in the suspect’s apart

ment in Bielefeld. Police said the man “has long tried to produce toxic substances, including heavy metal comp

ounds,” based on substances found in his home.Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has provoked outrage on Inte

rnational Women’s Day by saying that men should not have to make way for women’s empowerment.

  ”We’re not about setting Australians against each other, trying to push some down to lift

others up,” Morrison told a function organized by Australia’s mining industry on March 8.

  ”We want to see women rise. But we don’t want to see women rise only on the basis of others doing worse.”

  On social media, the comments sparked instant derision of Morrison, who

has been criticized for the lack of female representation among his party’s leadership.

  ”Men who are threatened or worried of women achieving equality is the bloody problem,” tweeted Australian senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

nd no one outside Mueller’s circle has any idea what his

  report — expected to be delivered to Attorney General William Barr soon — will say about the President’s conduct.

  But Thursday’s events did raise some political and legal questions about the ambition of Mueller’s prosecutors, their tactics whe

n confronted by a skeptical judge and the credibility being placed in Cohen’s deeply damaging testimony against Trump last week.

  In the win-loss calculation that has characterized Trump’s life, the President can extract some advant

age from the surprising courtroom drama. Anything that be spun as a blow to the special counsel will be seized on in Trump’s co

nservative media echo chamber in the campaign to bolster the President’s standing among core GOP voters that is critical to his long-term

viability.Mueller’s team had asked for a 19-25 year jail term for a tax and finance fraud conviction arising from Manafort’s lavi

sh lifestyle as a sharp suited uber-lobbyist who spun his dark arts for pro-Russia politicians in Ukraine.

  That would have sent the 69-year-old Manafort to jail likely for the rest of his life. But the less than four year term shoc

ked many legal observers and sparked looks of astonishment among prosecutors in Judge T.S. Ellis’s courtroom.

  The judge’s leniency does not change the fact of Manafort’s convic

tion by a jury of his peers. A judge in Washington, who has been less well exposed toward Ma

nafort, will sentence him next week in a separate case, in which he has been accused of lying to Mueller and breaching a plea deal.

Deeper reform can help meet new challengesThanks to China

sformation from high-speed economic growth to high quality development, its econo

my has reached a period of significant strategic opportunity. By 2035, China is e

xpected to achieve socialist modernization with its per capita GDP reaching 35,000 int

ernational dollars in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP). While the United States reached that level in 198

8, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Japan did so in 1998, 2001, 2003 and 2004, respectively.

But to realize that goal, China has to solve several significant long-term problems. First, it has to mai

ntain high total factor productivity (TFP), which at present is only 43 percent that of the US, whereas whe

n the main developed countries achieved economic modernization, their TFP was about 78 percent that of the US. To in

crease its TFP in the following years, therefore, China should expedite systemic reform in order to let the mar

ket play a leading role in factor distribution and give full play to factor efficiency.

Yongbyon is the only publicly known complex where North

Korea produces fissile material for nuclear weapons, but experts

have long believed North Korea operates a series of covert sites that contribute to its ballistic mis

sile and nuclear weapons program.
Trump appeared to hint at the existence at least one of those during his news con

ference following the Hanoi summit, a second uranium enrichment plant. South Korean lawmaker Lee Eun-jae’s off

ice said that an “additional uranium facility” was discussed during the Hanoi summit.

While it’s unclear what or where this site is, a tea

m of North Korea open-source analysts published findings in the online news site The Diplomat in July revealing a c

overt uranium enrichment facility which the US government calls Kangsong.

CNN’s Zachary Cohen, Yoonjung Seo, Will Ripley and Sophie Jeong contributed to this report

Govt to further reduce broadband, mobile internet ratesto nurt

hina will further cut the rates for broadband and mobile internet services, as the nation ste

ps up push to nurture innovation and speed up the growth of emerging industries, according to the an

nual Government Work Report delivered by Premier Li Keqiang on Tuesday.

Li presented the report at the opening of the second session of the 13th National People’s Congress.

This year, average broadband service rates for small and medium enterprises will be lowered by another 15 percent, an

d average rates for mobile internet services will be further cut by more than 20 percent, Li said.

According to him, more efforts will also be made to pursue Internet Plus initiative in all industries and sectors. China will upg

rade networks for distanced education and telemedicine, and expand the capacity of mobile telec

ommunications base stations, to provide faster and more reliable broadband connections for internet users.

If it had been completed, it would probably have been the

first modern aquarium in China. But construction was unfinished when the Qing monarc

hy fell, leaving abandoned stone architecture and iron frames, which can be seen by visitors today.

Cultural relic warehouses were added in the courtyard after 1925, when the Forbidden City became a public museum.

In-depth studies will follow the donation to uncover mysteries, because no original blueprint of the aquarium has been found.

According to Shan Jixiang, director of the Palace Museum, the Yanxi Go

ng area will be turned into an exhibition space displaying foreign cultural relics among for

mal royal collections, because the place reflects Sino-foreign cultural exchanges. It is expected to open in 2020.

About 10,000 cultural relics out of the 1.86 million artifacts being housed in the Palace Museum are of foreign origin. The mo

st important collection is 1,500 antique European clocks that were given as gifts or bought by Qing emperors.

Online album promoting traditional Chinese folk music released

  On Jan 24, an album, titled China Music House-Kung Hei Fat Choi, was released online as the result of the project.

  Six classic Chinese folk music pieces, including Bai Niao Chao Feng (Birds Paying Homage t

o the Phoenix), which features the traditional Chinese musical instrument, the suona, have been ada

pted and performed by Chinese musicians, including suona player Chen Baoli and erhu player Guo Gan.

  Meanwhile, Lu Zhongqiang, the founder of 13 Month Cu

ltural Communication, says that besides Chinese musicians, more than 30 mus

icians from about 10 countries, including Poland, France and Cuba, have worked on the album.

  In the past 10 days, the album has been listened to nearly 10 million times.

  According to Fan Guobin, the general manager of China Record Grou

p, the project will expand into outdoor music festivals and concerts in 2019.

What I didn’t know about China was enough to fill a festival

What did I know about Chinese culture or festivals

before moving to Beijing? Growing up in the United States, it was m

ostly stereotypical nonsense seen in reruns of old Charlie Chan movies on TV.

As an adult, I have really enjoyed watching Jackie Chan kick the living daylights out of the bad guys i

n the world, but there hasn’t been much exposure to genuine Chinese experiences, especially in my adopted hometown of Birmin

gham, Alabama. There, in the heart of the South, Chinese are few compared with the majority white and Af

rican-American population. The total Asian population was 2,152 last year, according to the US Census Bureau.

So when I heard that Birmingham was holding a Spring Festival party this year with Beijing’s Cha

oyang district, its sister city, I was beyond thrilled. Until now, I didn’t know that the “sisters” would kick off

the holiday in Alabama’s largest city with the annual Birmingham Chinese New Year Gala.

The event, organized by the Birmingham Chinese Festiv

  Association, celebrates Chinese cultural heritage during the most important Chinese holiday of the year, said A

my Chen Schwab, one of the association’s founders and a member of its board of director

s.More than 2,000 people attended the celebration in downtown Birmingham’s historic Boutwell Auditorium this year, Schwab s

aid. About 40 percent of those who came were from Birmingham’s Chinese community. Special guests included officials f

rom Chaoyang and the Chinese consulate in Houston, Texas.The event kicked off with fireworks in downtown’s Linn Park near city h

all, followed by a dragon dance and a drum performance. In a city more in tune with grits, pork rinds and college footb

all, an authentic dragon dance would be a sight to behold. In the auditorium, 10 dancers

from Chaoyang performed on stage.Participants enjoyed authentic Chinese food, such as dim

sum, and traditional arts and crafts, such as paper-cuttings and Chinese knots. Chinese children’s games were featured, and so was calligraphy.

Preserving relics key objective of museums Palace Museum

The role of museums as cultural heritage institutions tasked with securing and preserving cultural relics cannot be weakened, an official said.

Liu Yuzhu, director of the National Cultural Heritage Administration and a national political adviser, stressed on Sunda

y that Chinese museums, especially those built on ruins or around ancient architecture, should stay the course.

Liu also pointed out that museums should maintain a level of elegance and not devolv

e into vulgar market fairs and commonplace entertainment venues so as to elevate the cultural IQ of the general public.

Visiting museums is an increasingly popular activity in China.

There has been an annual increase of about 100 million people visiting museums nationwide over the past three years, Liu said.

Over 40 percent of the 415 million people who traveled in China during the Spring Festival

holiday this year stepped into museums, according to China Tourism Academy.

He described Chinese museums as currently enduring “growing pains”, adding t

hat the country’s museums are tackling capacity limitations amid booming demand.